A Hole in the Ship is the twelfth episode in the first season.


After a fight with the Rubber Fishes, a hole is left in Laughingstock's side, forcing the crew to land on a deserted island. There, they discover a marooned pirate named Salty Jojo, who also happens to be a carpenter. Unfortunately, the Rubber Fishes have landed where his carpentry tools are, and loaded the tools on to their ship so that Laughingstock can't be repaired.

The Crew decide to fight the Rubber Fishes so that Salty Jojo can repair their ship. Percy protests, saying it's too dangerous, to which Laughingstock replies, louder than usual.

"YOU... HAVE... TO GO... INSIDE!!"

The crew boards the ship and takes back the tools, and Salty Jojo agrees to repair their ship, if they allow him to join the crew. The crew agrees, and the ship is repaired.


  • For a split second, the ManBearPig appears in this episode.