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A Ship on the Horizon is the tenth episode of the first season.

It was one of the episodes found in the 2014 Discovery and was released on DVD in 2017.


The episode starts with the Earl of Wax torturing a pirate into telling him where the Laughingstock crew was heading. The pirate gives in and tells him which way to head, and is then thrown into Tartar prison. The Earl of Wax orders that the pirate crew be caught.

After a battle with the NPHC, Janice gets washed off of the ship and lands in the Abyssal Kingdom. As a result, she slowly turns into an Abyssal thing. The crew frantically rushes to find her, but the Skin-Taker gets to her just as the transformation is almost complete, and leaves her unconscious body on the Glittering Islands, which cure her as she sleeps. The crew eventually find her, safe and sound.

The Skin-Taker later appears, and looks at the camera, and explains it would be a shame if such fine skin were transformed into the ugly, rotting flesh of an Abyssal Thing, and that he saved her so that he could get her skin later.

Besides, he reasons, there's enough Abyssal Things; there's no room in the kingdom for more. He also explains the Glittering Islands magical properties, and how they heal those negatively affected by the Abyssal Kingdom.

He advises the audience to be careful not to turn into Abyssal things, because then, "You would have ugly skin...and I can't possibly use that on my cloak, now can I?"

He then walks away, laughing wickedly.


  • An explosion occurred in this episode, and the flashing lights from the explosion caused some children with epilepsy to have seizures. Children's shows causing seizures is not unheard of, as a similar event occurred in Japan when Pokémon episode 38 aired in 1997.
  • It is also notable that this is one of the times that the Skin-Taker breaks the fourth wall in order to talk to the audience, the first being in Skin-Taker's Day Off, when he waves at the audience and talks to them about the sights he sees. The Skin-Taker would break the fourth wall a few more times in the show.
  • This is the first appearance of The Earl of Wax and the NPHC.