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The Abyssal Kingdom is another world outside of Candle Cove. Horace Horrible, as a sorcerer, can summon beings from this world into his.





It is a dark and foggy land, home to immortal beings that are capable of magic. Many of its inhabitants leave, being unhappy with their home or fearing the terrible monsters that sometimes wander near them. As the name suggests, the Abyssal Kingdom is located inside a massive chasm. At the top of said chasm there are a few cities and villages populated by Abyssians; it is, by far, the most enlightened zone of this kingdom. However, everything is black and white. As the chasm descends it turns darker and colder, and the inhabitants are more and more strange and less abundant.

Being a magic land in nature, the Abyssal Kingdom has noticeable effects over strangers. For example, any outsider who wanders in slowly transforms into an Abyssal thing. Most who wander in are children, implied to be from Janice's world, and wandered in the same way that she did. This could mean that the Abyssal Kingdom has some sort of "portal" behavior, linking other worlds with Candle Cove.

Whenever it is shown it is in black and white film, and it is mentioned that colors do not exist there. Creatures or Abyssians who leave, however, have shown to have their own colors once they're seen outside the Abyssal Kingdom, so apparently the nonexistence of color is directly linked to the land within the abyss.

Magic is stronger in the Abyssal Kingdom than in Candle Cove, but the cause for this is unknown. Even being a land that is magical in nature, that does not explain why some spells and powers are stronger than in other equally magical lands. As far as it's known, all creatures in the kingdom are able to do magic, although some of the magic they use is hardly identifiable as such.