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Abyssal Monsters
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Abyssal Monsters are frightening creatures from the Abyssal Kingdom, some of which are sometimes summoned or wander in to Candle Cove.


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Common Traits

Monsters from the Abyssal Kingdom often are associated with negative emotions, are horribly deformed, and have malicious intentions. A fraction of them are also sentient, and sometimes their curiosity or ambitions move them out of their home.  Many are black and white, or also a shade of grey, with a few exceptions.They all show their true colors (if they actually have them) when they exit the kingdom to enter in Candle Cove.

An important fact to be considered is that, unlike what happens with humans, practically all of the monsters are capable of magic or can display abilities that can even go far beyond of what is understood by magic. Not all of them are immortal, though.


  • In Poppy's quarters, he has a book titled The Fascinating Creatures of the Abyssal KingdomHorace Horrible, the Earl of Wax, and the Skin-Taker all have been seen reading this same book in various episodes. This seems to suggest that this is a very popular book. This may be due to the fact many Abyssal creatures find their way into Candle Cove. This book was later written and published as a limited edition to fund the show. It features concept art and information about creatures shown in the show and creatures that never appeared in the show.
  • "The Fascinating Creatures of the Abyssal Kingdom" describes about 87 monsters and creatures, including all which had been seen wandering in Candle Cove, and others that the explorers and writers of the book found in the surface stretch of the abyss. However, is was speculated (and later confirmed by the Abyssians) that there are many more than the ones the book tells about.