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Abyssians are Abyssal creatures who mostly look like normal humans and live in the Abyssal Kingdom.

Known Abyssians

In the show, The Skin-Taker is the only known Abyssian.

In the novels  the only known Abyssians are Thade Soben and Red Mary. Throughout the entire franchise, they are the only ones shown with skin.

Some believe Auburn may be half-Abyssian, but as the novel series was never finished, this is unconfirmed.


They are immortal, and every Abyssian born is aligned with magic. They have strange looking eyes. They can command the Abyssal Things, creatures who were once outsiders who strayed into their home.

They are greatly aware of the existence of other worlds; however, although they are capable of travelling between worlds freely (unless banished, in which case they must be summoned by a summon aligned being) they rarely do so. The Skin-Taker accidentally does so in Skin-Taker's Day Off.

General Culture

Their culture is mostly like that of Europe in the 1600's, with the exception of their dependance on magic. Despite this, they dress in modern clothes. Most of them have never encountered an outsider, since outsiders who enter The Abyssal Kingdom turn into Abyssal things.


  • Although immortal, Abyssians can still feel pain.
  • The Skin-Taker's lack of organs despite being only skinned and not gutted seems to suggest that Abyssians do not require internal organs. This is unconfirmed, though.
  • Although most Abyssians with skin are portrayed without irises or pupils, Skin-Taker, after losing his skin, does have irises and pupils. The reason for this is never explained.