Adrian (left) with Louis Cuttingham (right) in the early 1970's.

Adrian Grimes (born 1962) is the nephew to Emerson. He was interviewed in Candle Cove Experiences: Tales of the Laughingstock.


He was the last to be interviewed by Ischmael Dugong, admitting that his uncle was mentally unstable, and seeing the making of one episode that was never aired. He mentioned that he was invited to be on the third season as a character, under a new director. However, he was mistaken.


40 year old man

Adrian Grimes today.

Currently, he claims that the franchise should die out, and heavily criticizes Caroline Barker and The Caroline Barker Foundation for trying to revive the franchise.

Despite his claims that he hates the show, he also has made statements that he believes only the show should be considered "canon" and even tried to buy the rights to the show from Caroline Barker, an offer which Barker refused.


  • He claims to have nightmares about The Skin-Taker frequently. He describes them as The Skin-Taker staring at him, his jaw moving side to side, close enough that their faces almost touch.