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Banana King






Laughingstock Crew

First Appearance

The King of Banana Land

Played by

Walter A. Kennedy

The Banana King is a pirate, and a minor character in the series.


He has a big grey afro covered by a black hat (with the symbol of a banana), a grey forked beard, an eyepatch, and two peg-legs. He is usually seen smoking cigars, and he has a parrot on his shoulder.

As a ghost, he looks exactly the same, only that in a blue-ish transparent pitch, but his parrot is no longer in his shoulder. A cigar is still in his mouth, but he cannot smoke it. This is an aspect he constantly complains about when he is on screen.


Known to be sarcastic, cynical and lewd in the first season, his speaking roles always were the excuse to introduce very dark humor and jokes that are not even remotely appropriate for a kids show. His lewd comments were completely unscripted, however, and were inserted by his voice actor.


In future episodes after his introduction, his appearances are mostly as a background character. Occasionally, the Laughingstock crew talks to him to get information on treasure, since he has the ability of fortune-telling.

He is last seen when Milo was introduced, making a joke about giving up pirating. He is then never seen again in later episodes, but there is no indication that his soul had abandoned the ship.


  • He discovered a staff that controls the Banana People, and used it to make them do as he wishes.
  • As a ghost, he has ghost-like powers, including passing through solid walls and possession.


  • His transparent ghostly appearance was done using an old technique known as "Pepper's Ghost"
  • His true name is never revealed.
  • He claims his ghost remained in Candle Cove because Death refused to take his soul.
  • Even though he is called "The Banana King", his kingdom is an island full of bananas and his subjects are a sentient banana-like tribe, it is implied that he hates bananas.
  • Apparently, his joke about giving up pirating and his not appearing in future episodes were foreshadowing Milo's trouble-making and eventual betrayal, since the Banana King can see the future.