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Banana People
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The King of Banana Land

The Banana People are a species of elemental creatures, in this case banana-resembling humanoids.

They inhabit the Banana Lands, a tropical island where the Banana King became their leader, despite the fact of being human.


Their bodies are pretty simple and low-budget. In the show, they were made from real bananas with googly eyes and paper legs, all put together with glue and a stick that the actors used to move them.

They were supposed to represent a chimeric body: a human lower half (legs and feet), and a upper half that looked like a bare banana skin, with holes for the eyes (however, there was not a hole for a mouth). They did not seem to have arms, but root-like tentacles appeared whenever they needed to hold something. It was implied that the body continued under the banana skin, but it turned into a horrifying mouth full of sharp teeth rather than a human head.


As a tribal species, the Banana People are hostile against the unknown, specially humans and other tribes. They devoured the Banana King's pirate crew in the right moment they wrecked in the Banana Lands, demonstrating their brutal carnivorous nature.

For reasons never properly explained, the Banana People can be put under some sort of hypnosis stage when holding the "Banana Staff" in front of them. This is exactly what the Banana King did, by casualty, when he ran away of his half-eaten crew into the forest and found an old temple, where the Banana Staff was hidden.

Under hypnosis, these creatures are highly suggestion-able and tend to do everything they're commanded to.


  • These are the only element creatures who shows a real part of human anatomy (being legs and feet in this case).