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Cactus People
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The Cactus People are a species of elemental creatures, in this case cactus-resembling creatures with humanoid faces and limbs. They inhabit the Sand Lands, a massive desert where the only water is boiling or buried underground.

They never appeared in the aired episodes, but at some point they were mentioned, and they were included in The Fascinating Creatures of the Abyssal Kingdom, despite not being from the Abyssal Kingdom at all.


Their design was never finished, but they were supposed to be half-cactus, half-human. They were thought to have cactus bodies with human faces in the middle, and four human arms instead of legs. Their eyes were empty sockets and the face overall had a zombie-ish expression. Just like regular cacti, they are green, bulky and full of thick spikes. 

"Lady cacti" would have had a cactus flower on their heads to show their gender.


Since they inhabit a giant desert, only sharing it with real cacti and twelve human inhabitants, Cactus People do not actively hate mankind or abyssian-kind. However, they are extremely obsessive over water.

Even though their bodies are full of water, they usually break cacti (real ones) to absorb the water within them, and is said that they tend to practice cannibalism when the heat is too extreme even for them.

They seem to be aware that the human body is pretty much made of water, since they prey on the inhabitants of Saloon City during the night. They are not very successful when they hunt, though, because they are slow and make involuntary loud noises. The method they use to eat a human once they have caught them is unknown. Some legends of the Sand Lands tell that cactus people dehydrates people while they are still alive.


  • Cactus People cannot be controlled by any way. They live in a hostile environment based on pure survival, so they have lost most of their intelligence in order to grow their instincts.
  • They take advantage of real cacti to blend in the desert.