Candle Cove: In Red Tides is the second book of the Candle Cove novel series. It was published in 1989.


Lillian is living in a village raising her young daughter Auburn (based on Flaming Dragon). Boar, another former member of the Tarantula Crew, is playing with the child. Auburn later asks her mother about her father. Lillian explains her father is very sick, and maybe, some day, when he's better, she can meet him.

After several chapters of what appear to be filler, Auburn hears screaming outside, and a bright light begins to shine. Lillian realizes what is happening, and the three try to run, but Red Mary cuts them off. She begins grinning evilly, taunting Auburn, telling her that her name was prophetic, and that she would indeed burn.

Lillian grows furious, and begins slashing at Red Mary. She screams for Boar to get Auburn out of the village and far away. As Boar and Auburn leave the village, Lillian's screams can be heard, and Auburn begins to cry.

Later, the Thade Soben discovers the ruins of Lillian's house. He cries over her dead body, and then notices her arm is not burnt. He skins her arm, and makes a wristband out of it, swearing he will never let them be seperated again. He becomes the Skin-Taker.

The scene cuts back to Auburn, who screams she hopes Red Mary dies. Boar informs her Red Mary is an Abyssian, and therefore immortal. Auburn shouts that she'll find a way.

The next day, Thade Soben hears two people approaching. It is Boar and Auburn. They begin to bury the deceased, forming a large graveyard, while the Skin-Taker watches.

Boar carves tombstones for all of the graves, and Auburn leaves flowers.

Boar leaves, but Auburn remains. The Skin-Taker begins to inch forward with a knife, but then he hears Auburn swearing on her mother's grave that she will find a way to destroy Red Mary, and avenge her.

The Skin-Taker, holds the wristband close to his ear for a moment, nods, and leaves.


  • Hints are presented in this book that the Hog's Crew was going to reappear with her and Boar. However, this never happened due to the cancellation of the novel series.
  • A deleted alternate passage published in Fangoria magazine (September 1995) it actually showed Lillian being burned as Auburn watches. The scene was changed in the final version, it was decided instead that Auburn would be carried away by Boar so she wouldn't have to see.
  • In an interview, the writer said that Auburn can jump very high and very far, even jumping onto of the roof of a very large house in one leap.
  • When Skin-Taker puts the wristband up by his ear, Lillian says "She is my daughter". This is only mentioned in an interview with Lisa Barker, and she mentions she forgot to write that part into the book.