Candle Cove: The Spirits Cave is the third and final book from the Candle Cove novel series.


This novel attemps to explain how Percy became such a scaredy cat. He was the cabin boy of The Tarantula Crew in a prequel to the original series and even the books themselves.

It starts when Percy has to see the ship's Doctor on the Laughingstock, and when he finds out he needs stitches, he remembers facing worse when he had to see Dr. Mort in the Tarantula crew, which leads to Janice asking about when he was a kid, leading into the rest of the novel.

It was about The Tarantula Crew, Percy's Father Schot, and Red Mary's betrayal. In the novel, it was revealed that Percy used to be an incredibly brave boy, until Red Mary burned down the Tarantula Crew's ship, and killed Percy's father right in front of him.

The sea shanty "Spanish Ladies" is sung in one passage, as Schot sang it to Percy after telling him about his mother. Apparently Schot used the song as a lullaby to help Percy go to sleep.


  • In a passage near the end, a crew member is seen laughing hysterically after what Red Mary did. Percy screams "He's lost his mind! THE BLOKE'S LOST HIS MIND!", and his jaw is described as moving in the same manner as the Skin-Taker's. It would be revealed that this character was, in fact, Thade Soben, not having been seen since the end of the second book. With the loss of the literary rights to Caroline Barker, this ending was left unresolved.
  • This book was actually written before the others, explaining and was revised to fit into the rest of the series.