Candle Cove: To Grind Your Skin was going to be the the fourth book in the Candle Cove novel series. It was never published, but the draft surfaced in 2008 in The Pirate Bay.


Poppy finds a skinned body along a shore, and wonders who would do such a thing. Thade Soben, now known as the Skin-Taker, appears before him, wearing his skin cape and hat. He appears scarred, has bags under his eyes, and a sad look on his face. His jaw moves in the same way as it does in his skeletal form.

Adrian revealed that in this book, they once again portray Poppy skinning the Skin-Taker, and Poppy feeds his skin to sharks, and steals the Skin-Taker's clothes (that are not made of human skin). Later in the draft, there is a scene where Poppy briefly regrets what he has done, until he realizes that the Skin-Taker had not died, and decides that the Skin-Taker did not get what he deserved.

The Skin-Taker laments over his skin being lost to the sharks, but otherwise seems cheerful, as if a heavy burden had been lifted off of his shoulders.