Candle Cove Wiki

The Candle Cove map.

Candle Cove is the set of islands in which the series of the same name takes place. Not all of the locations were used, and some were only briefly mentioned or seen on a map Poppy had in his room.

Main Islands

  • The Candle Islands are known to be the capital of Candle Cove. This is where the upper class and government live.
  • The Cutlass Islands is the center of the pirate hub in Candle Cove. Most pirates hang around this area. The NPHC tried to invade it once, but failed miserably since they were outnumbered by all of the pirates.
  • The Abandoned Islands are, as the name suggests, abandoned. Some of them have the ruins of the societies that once inhabited them. Pirates rarely go here, since there is not much to get.
  • The Treasure Islands are a hub where many pirates in the past once hid their treasure. Most of the treasure buried there has been dug up and taken, although the ManBearPig still ferociously guards his.

Locations Within Candle Cove

Individual Areas

Candle Islands

Abandoned Islands

Treasure Islands

Cutlass Islands

Little Bedford (The Skin-Taker's Hideout) Devil's Claw Mountain

Lullaby Rock

Pointy Rock Shore Rubber Fishes Hang-Out
Glittering Islands Dragon's Bluff The Charred City Ruins and Graveyard Treasure Cave The Salty Sea
Amantis The Castle ManBearPig's Island
Hermit Beach

Tartar Prison

Previously-Abandoned-Now-Inhabited Island

Snowflake Island

Sand Lands

Banana Land
Horseshoe Island
Glittering Islands