Caroline Barker
Caroline Barker
(1947-1997) was one of the original developers of the Candle Cove TV show. She was very tongue-in-cheek about rumors regarding the show, refusing to to confirm nor deny any.


She was commissioned by Tom Thrives in 1968 to build the puppets. The budget given to her and her partner Mary Prescott was extremely small, resulting in them having little to work with, so the puppets looked cheaply made.

Further Work

She was very enthuisiasctic about the show and continued with plans to develop a new TV series and a whole educational franchise to be published in different media, including the sale of the literary rights to Bantam Books with the intention of developing a line of young reader novels, the writers to be selected by herself, but different reasons and a clause of the contract prevented Barker from doing it. After Caroline's daughter Lisa Rollins published two books that had little in common with Barker's vision, a legal controversy followed and the literary rights reverted to her in .

She died of natural causes in 1997, with none of her works coming to fruition but keeping all the rights about the franchise and leaving no heir, so the rights over the Candle Cove concept stayed in a legal limbo until the Caroline Barker Foundation was created to administer them. The film rights were picked up by SyFy Channel to produce movie adaptations by the end of 2009, but soon reverted to the Foundation, who was highly displeased by the results, and prevented the movie from being released.


  • According to interviews with her, she grew up in Fate, Texas.