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The Element Creatures (sometimes called strange people or "no-men") are a set of different species of sentient and non-sentient beings who inhabit different locations throughout Candle Cove and the Abyssal Kingdom. Their name come from the fact that they all seem to be based or related to some element of nature such as snow, fire, shadows, etc.

Most of them never appeared in the original TV show for different reasons (mostly related to budget issues), but they were collected and mentioned in The Fascinating Creatures of the Abyssal Kingdom. As it was said in the book, some people in Candle Cove classify them as monsters, while others prefer to classify them as animals, and a very small group think of them as people.

Known Element Creatures


There is no true pattern to classify these beings. Regardless of their origin, they are called "element creatures" in an attempt to differentiate them from regular animals. In the case they're sentient, their societies tend to be primitive and their relation with humans and Abyssians is hostile. However, in some cases it is possible to control or lead them (such as the Banana King did). Such as what happens with Abyssal Monsters, there probably are more element creatures than what meets the eye.

Unlike humans, element creatures cannot develop any magical ability, but are still sensitive to magic. Is implied, acording to some pages of The Fascinating Creatures of the Abyssal Kingdom, that they can even be aligned with magic, but cannot practice it.