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Emerson Grimes (1912-1972) is the director of Candle Cove, and uncle to Adrian.


He was born in New York city, then his family moved to Chicago, Illinois when he was ten years of age.

It had been said by many crew members who worked with him that he went insane during production, constantly changing the scripts and destroying the sets during the Screaming Episode. After the filming was completed for that episode, Walter Shay saw Grimes pleading to the set pieces, as if they were all alive.

He started ripping his hair and teeth out, trying to get away from something only he could "see". He fell backwards and hung himself on a cord. Shay buried his body afterward.


  • It is believed that Emerson Grimes may have suffered from schizophrenia, as he had talked to the puppets and "invisible people" before.
  • Grimes is believed to have played ManBearPig.