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The Glittering Islands are a group of islands in Candle Cove. They have healing properties, and are the only way to reverse the effects of the Abyssal Kingdom, turning Abyssal Things back into humans.

The area is only shown in the episode A Ship on the Horizon.


They are beautiful, and contain fresh water, fruit, and everything needed to survive should a sailor get stranded. It would be a paradise if they were not so small, and if they were better connected.

The islands are the opposite of the Abyssal Kingdom. While the Abyssal Kingdom is ugly, filled with monsters, and dark, the Glittering Islands are beautiful, filled with lovely birds, and light. Even at night, some of the plants glow in the dark.


  • To build these islands, Christmas lights were used to create the glowing plants.
  • The islands themselves are wide sandboxes filled with cheap glitter.
  • The birds are Chinese marionettes of phoenixes, and are higher quality than many of the other puppets on the show.