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Rubber Fishes

First Appearance

Welcome to Our Happy Ship

Played by

Jeremy Kirby

Horace Horrible is a pirate marionette, and captain of a rival crew the Rubber Fishes. 

He originally was the main villain of the show, but now serves as spy and servant for the Skin-Taker, watching the pirates of the Laughingstock, reporting to the Skin-Taker about everything they do, and obeying his every command.


Horace's design is very similar to Poppy's, except that he has all of his limbs. He has a black handlebar moustache, tall narrow teeth, and he wears a monocle on his right eye. It is unknown if he keeps his left eye or not. He always carries a sword and a bottle of rum.

He is known to have a hook. In one episode, he is shown using both hands to polish his hook, which is revealed to be an unattatched weapon with a handle.


He is noticeably selfish, and admits it too. He can be described as "laughably evil", as in one instance he threw a trash bag at Percy. He bears a grudge against Poppy for sinking his old ship, and he had been stranded on Candle Cove for many years, it is possible that he is also insane. He is extremely loyal to the Skin-Taker, whom he seems to regard as some sort of deity.


In one uncertain episode, Horace hinted that he freed the Skin-Taker because he wants to take revenge on the pirates that sunk his pirate ship years ago (referring to the Laughingstock's crew).

In another uncertain episode, the Skin-Taker, in a fit of anger, curb-stomped Horace face-first into the corpse of a giant dead rat. Horace could not stop uttering "master, master" in the saddest voice for a good twenty seconds.


  • He may be an actual sorcerer, able to summon creatures from other worlds. As revealed in Getting Under My Skin, the Skin-Taker coming to Candle Cove is Horace's doing.


  • He was fond of saying "Bilgewater!" whenever he got sufficiently annoyed.
  • He can't stand the sound of a poorly played piano.
  • During the first episode, he introduced himself as "the grrreatest pirate, sorrrcerer and vain villain of the worrrld", showing that he stresses his R's when speaking.
  • He is not seen again after Milo accepts his job. Even so, his trademark giggle is heard when it cuts to black after Milo dies.
  • Many have noticed similarities between him and the Fisherman Fred character, Nathanial Nasty
    • Both were the antagonists of shows made by HeyKids Studio
    • Both have a last name that is used to describe something bad that also starts with the same letter as their first name
    • Both are sailors
    • Both have large, curled moustaches


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