Claimed by some to be an image of Mr. Dugong himself. The validity of these claims are unconfirmed.

Ischmael Dugong is the internet alias of a man who investigated into the mysteries of Candle Cove for a novel.


Ischmael was known as wonderful man in life, and he had a girlfriend, who is expecting a baby some time within the year. He wrote a final message to his friend before his death, saying that he met with one final person after the Michael Colon interview. He stated it was a man named Adrian Grimes.


He had interviewed many past crew members, found old Candle Cove tapes and old parts of the puppets, and started having nightmares involving the Skin-Taker by the 19th day of research. After Michael Colon addressed his suicide note to him, he quit his investigation.

Three days after he decided to stop, one of his friends found him dead, from either suicide or homicide. The police said that he was working on something, but when the interviewed were questioned, they never said a word, because they knew better then to rat him out and trudge up more nightmares for themselves.