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Izod is the main character in The Nickerbocker's Tale. His Candle Cove counterpart is Janice.


His physical appearance is never described in the book, but he believes is about ten years old (he doesn't know for sure since he never celebrated his birthday because of his parent's death).

Role in the Book

He is an Irish boy who had to live on the streets as a pick-pocket due to being an orphan. He is later forced by a press-gang to join a naval ship, where he is treated poorly and keel-hauled for taking an old moldy apple no one wanted. Percival and his crew later invade the merchant ship, and allow Izod and a few others to join their crew.

Although the crew is trying to help him get home, he seems to enjoy being part of the crew, and at one point wishes to tell Percival he wants to stay.