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Laughingstock Crew

First Appearance

Welcome to Our Happy Ship

Played by

Louis Cuttingham
Jodie Silver

Janice Stewart is the 9-year old protagonist of the Candle Cove series.

After her sister Melrose bullied her, Janice goes to hide in the dog house and finds a single misplaced shoelace. Upon picking it up, she is transported to the mysterious world of Candle Cove.


She is known to have blonde hair, but her clothing is not known. However, she is seen wearing a yellow rain jacket in some episodes, and fans tend to draw her with a pink shirt and blue suspenders. She is much larger than the puppets, which often results in several gags.


She is known to be sweet, timid, and kind-hearted. As a child, she is still easily scared by creepy things. She is best friends with Poppy, and they look out for eachother. Although she can be naive, she has shown her intelligence by solving the toughest of puzzles that the crew faces.


  • She was known as Jaydee in the pilot.
  • Her birthday is on the same day as the Skin-Taker's.
  • She almost became an Abyssal thing, as shown in A Ship on the Horizon.
  • It was said during the Tales of the Laughingstock that Janice was going to be cannibalized by the Skin-Taker in a dream, in an unaired episode of season 2.
  • She can be unintentionally seen as a Stepford Smiler, as she looks happy, but in reality she is sad. In a few episodes she randomly breaks into tears for no reason. Some believe this may be because the actress was overworked and stressed.

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