Jeremy Laberge
 (1930-1973) was the associate producer of Candle Cove.


He offered his assistance to the concept of his friend Tom Thrives in 1967, and suggested most of the ideas that geared the show towards children later on in 1968. The set was designed and built by him and Tom, between 1968 and 1969. 

Jeremy Laberge was the one who made the decision to end the show. He had wanted to end it after the Screaming Episode, but had to wait for Tom to agree to it to get it done. This took a while as Tom had been on a family trip when the request was made.

The decision came as a result of the actions and disappearance of Emerson Grimes. Jeremy not only found out about the abuse of staff, particularly what happened during the episode, but also about Emerson Grime's talking to the puppets. Jeremy Laberge was known to be a superstitious man, and believed the puppets to be cursed or haunted. He even attempted to get permission to bring an exorcist onto the set, but was denied permission by the company.

A year after Candle Cove ended, he was re-shingling the roof of his house, when suddenly he fell off the roof & cracked his skull open on the driveway, killing him instantly. Those who were with him claimed he looked like he had been pushed off the roof.