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The photograph was taken around the same time season two was being produced.

Jodie Silver (born 1962) is the second actress who portrays the character Janice, and is the actress used in the majority of the show.

She was interviewed in Candle Cove Experiences: Tales of the Laughingstock.


She was around 9 years of age at the time of recording the show. Not much is known about her in recent times, except that she was 45 when interviewed (early 50's as of 2013), and has a husband named Damon Louis, and two children. She has admitted that she had to take therapy because of the show, and was reluctant to talk about her experiences.

Appearance in the Show

Her hair was blonde, and she was taller and obviously older than the previous actress, Louis Cuttingham.

She was hired after a situation with Louis Cuttingham's parents forced Emerson Grimes to find a new actress. Jodie's Aunt, the mother of Jennifer Hinshaw (who played Melrose) suggested Jodie be the one to replace Louis, since Jodie Silver had performed lead roles in a couple of local plays when she was 5 and 6.

The change in actresses was easily noticed by viewers of the show, however, she was a good actress, and appeared to be well embraced by the audience. After her first appearance, her hair was cut short. By season two, her hair had become somewhat more strawberry blonde, and was cut even shorter than in season one.