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Joe "Shortlegs"
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Rubber Fishes Crew

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Ship Crash

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Joe "Shortlegs" is the cabin boy for the Rubber Fishes Crew.

He only appears once in the show, when he and the rest of the crew destroyed the Laughingstock.


He is, as he stated in his speaking role, 45 years old, but looks very young. He is only three feet tall, because his legs had apparently been shortened at some point in the past. He has straight, red hair, and wears an orange shirt with a white hat.

His head is separated in two halves that are stitched to one another in the middle of the face: the right half is that of a living person. The left half is made of green, rotten skin, with an X-like stitch in the place of the left eye, and holes instead of nose and ear.


He is constantly pushed by the rest of the Rubber Fishes to do most of the chores. During the episode Ship Crash, his puppet could be seen charging the cannons of the ship.

In his rotten ear lives a sentient earthworm that sometimes pops out and tells him to do terrible things like murder or commiting suicide. In Ship Crash, when Horace asks him why doesn't he put that disgusting worm back within his head, Joe replies that "the things it tells him when it's inside are pure insanity".


  • Only Joe seemed to hear the worm when it talked. However, the child audience could hear it during the episode, and it even spoke in a British accent.
  • His worm may be a pun of the phrase "Ear Worm."