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The Jolly Roger is the main type of flag that pirates use.

In Candle Cove:

The Rubber Fishes are the only crew to don a "skull and crossbones" Jolly Roger, because it is associated with the Skin-Taker, although for some reason pirates still wear them on their clothes, leading many to believe the no-skull rule was made at the last minute.

Jolly Rogers Used by Crews:

  • The Laughingstock Crew - A distorted laughing face and two keys where the crossbones would be.
  • The Tarantula Crew - A tarantula spider with a web in the background (similar to the Spiderman emblem, but the spider has 4 eyes and pincers). (two different versions were used)
  • The Hogs Crew - A boar's head with an open mouth, a sword, and a pistol. Some versions in the concept art had an earring.
  • The Rubber Fishes Crew - A traditional skull and crossbones, with red contour lines and teeth.
  • Green Gregory's old flag- A purple flag with a red hand.
  • Jolly Hounds (Milo's Crew) - A silhouette of a Scottish terrier.
  • The Kings Dice crew - A crown along with two dice, with blood dripping from them.