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Cora Alexander

Lillian is the mother of Auburn, captain of the Tarantula crew, and was one of the greatest swordswomen in all of Candle Cove.

She is mentioned in the novel series, and appears in the cartoon pilot for Candle Cove in the 1980's.


She was disowned by her parents prior to becoming a pirate because she was unable to secure a wealthy nobleman who had been wooing her for a husband. The nobleman had chosen another woman from a poorer family to wife, instead. Her parents blamed Lillian, claiming she must have done something to offend the nobleman since he chose a poorer girl over them, and cast her out. The cruel irony was that Lillian did love the nobleman, and truly did try hard to win his affections.

At some point, she became the captain of The Tarantula Crew, and met Thade Soben.

After Red Mary's betrayal, she had a daughter named Auburn, but was eventually killed by Red Mary.


She had long blonde wavy hair, fair skin with freckles, and emerald green eyes. She described as lanky to the point she was almost bony. Sometimes she wore just a bandana, other times she wore a slightly squished straw Australian outback hat.


She appears to have been very brave, honest, and true. She was sensitive to the emotions of others. She was also very protective of those close to her. She was a natural leader, and her crew loyally followed her. However, she had a wild streak and was extremely energetic. She was also too trusting, and many of her crew members were accepted on a whim, including Red Mary, whom most of the crew never trusted, despite Red Mary saving the crew prior to becoming a member, hence why Lillian was so quick to trust her. She was also impulsive, often making rash decisions based on her gut. She does not like talking about her life prior to becoming a pirate, as it brings her pain. However, she is not secretive about her past.


  • It is known she was close to Thade Soben, making some believe they were in love.
  • Boar is implied to be a relative of hers, but it is unconfirmed, and unknown how they are related other than being members of The Tarantula Crew.


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