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Little Bedford, also referred to as the Skin-Taker's Hide-Out, is a skull shaped cave in which the Skin-Taker dwells while in Candle Cove.


The walls are lined with bones and skulls, which the Skin-Taker sometimes uses for camouflage. It is well furnished, although some of the furnishings are made from human skin, since not all of the skins can fit on his clothes. The room also has a rug made out of the skin of Sea-Dog.

The place smells of death, and many can not bring themselves to enter the cave even if they do not know that the Skin-Taker lives in there or of the doom that awaits them.

The path to the main part of the cave where the Skin-Taker lives is very dark, while his dwelling area is well lit, like an ordinary home (although there certainly is nothing ordinary about this place).


  • The set was made from Halloween decorations, and tiny model skeletons.