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Lost at Sea is the tenth episode of the second season.


This episode begins with the Laughingstock rising and falling in the sea, as the waves rise further than usual. This is followed by the Laughingstock stating that a large storm has surfaced, and everyone is holding on in the ship. It then cuts to Janice holding on to a rope crying, complaining about how cold it is and how much she hates her life. The rest of the crew are too busy to hear her or listen to her, pulling random ropes, apparently securing the ship.

Janice, disheartened by being ignored by her friends, jumps into the sea, and treads water as the Laughingstock gets further out of sight. Janice then glares at the ship and claims she will get her revenge on her "friends" before putting her head under the water.

It the cuts to Percy, who is looking for Janice aboard the ship after the storm has cleared. Poppy asks if she maybe fell into the water, and tells Percy to jump in and get her.

"No sir!" Percy shouts, before the Laughingstock says her usual phrase.

"You go... INSIDE!"

Percy jumps into the water, and just as he touches the water, Janice surfaces. The two climb back onto the ship, and the episode ends with Percy saying he would never let her out of sight again. No other reference has even been made to this episode.