First Appearance

Welcome to Our Happy Ship

The Malguins are seen in a short segment, where they are seen lifting Melrose, using her as a play-toy.


They are giant penguin-like creatures, and are known to move stiffly. They are evil, and created by the emotions of mean people. However, they do not do much, despite their evil nature.

Malguins tend to be "blurrier" when they're based in vague thoughts or sadistic fantasies of a person. The more concentrated the emotion is, less abstract the Malguin turns out. For example, Malguins made out of pure hatred are almost as solid as any living creature.


  • Since Malguins are not completely solid, they hardly can be harmed.
  • It is speculated that when a considerable number of Malguins come together, they blend into gigantic clouds of darkness, which move around the ocean as common storms. If these storms come across a person who is sad, they can tempt that person to commit suicide or fall into depression (possibly occurring to Janice in the episode Lost at Sea).


  • It is stated that Malguins are very abundant, showing that there are a lot of mean people in Candle Cove.
  • They are seen interacting with Abyssal creatures