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The ManBearPig is a strange creature. Though his appearances are short, they are enough to scare all the characters into simultaneous hysterical screaming.


The ManBearPig has no official name, as it is called by different names in the show. Janice refers to him as "Bigfoot", and the rest of the crew call him "Gorger" or "Hungry".

At some point, fans  began calling him ManBearPig as a nod to the creature mentioned in South Park, and it having traits of all three creatures. The name stuck and spread, and is used by the majority of fans when referring to the creature.


Nothing is known about his figure, except that he wears a bear hat, pig mask, and normal human clothing. It is believed that his body is that of a regular human, but is unknown if that also applies for the head.


It is said that his only true appearance is in the last episode, besides a brief cameo in the first episode when it threw big rocks at the crew as they came close to his cave, and his treasure.

He is seen so briefly that some of his appearances (milliseconds between scenes) are considered some sort of subliminal message for the public. The only confirmed instance of this was in A Hole In the Ship, during a static storm.


On his laundry line, you can see a white dress. This white dress was worn by Louis Cuttingham, the actress who first played Janice, in a clip shown after the pilot episode when she addressed the crowd and talked about the show. Right next to the dress, is Horace Horrible's hook.



  • He talks like a stereotypical pirate, notably saying "Yar! Ye not be getting me treasure".
  • Rumour has it, his mask is a brown-painted and badly damaged replica of the Abominable Snowman from the Rudolph Christmas special.
  • He was animated by claymation (a form of stop-motion), rather than shot live in puppet format. This would be why it took so long to produce episodes with him in it, and why he was never used outside of a few appearances.
  • Some believe that the ManBearPig could actually be Emerson Grimes in disguise, or at least related to him in some way.


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