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Michael Colon (1944-2007) was the puppeteer who voiced and played the Skin-Taker, and Green Gregory.


Colon started his career at age 26 by voicing Congo from Jumbo's Circus. He created Congo's roars by slowing down recordings of himself coughing. He later became a sound mixer for Fisherman Fred and Sunshine City. He was also the voice of Mud Menace in Fish Tales.

Candle Cove Years

In 1971, he was hired by Emerson Grimes to voice the Skin-Taker on Candle Cove. Colon later regretted it as "the dumbest decision I have ever made in my life", as he was uncomfortable with delivering such macabre lines and thought about quitting the show. Most of the Skin-Taker's fourth wall breaking lines were actually ad-libs created by Colon. For example,"DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!" from the episode The Death of Milo was an ad-lib.

When he was forced by Emerson Grimes to scream during the "final episode", his throat started to bleed. He nearly choked on his own blood. It is confirmed that his voice never recovered, causing it to sound hoarse. After that episode, he left town with his son and wife. His son Trevor was murdered in the Fall of 1981, and his wife left him three years after. As well, the same night when his son died, he had a dream where the Skin-Taker, holding a knife, chased him and brutally murdered him.

Just eight days after being interviewed for Candle Cove Experiences: Tales of the Laughingstock, he committed suicide, by shooting himself in the head. He left a suicide note.

Suicide Note

Dear (censored),

I'm sorry to announce that by the time you read this, I'll be gone. It's not your fault, but the dreams came back hard after the interview. It's much harder for me to deal with it but last night's dream was the final straw. The Skin-Taker came to me, in that damned hat, stating that my son has a special place. I saw a part of my boy's face on the upper right side of the hat, looking at me with a glassy kind of stare. A single tear rolled down his face and I heard him screaming in agony. It broke my heart. I can't take the dreams anymore, I can't handle it and I want you to understand that you musn't go on. Jodie told me about your interview with her and she is planning on coming to New York for the funeral. I told her that she should forget about it, but since you came around, it's been harder for her to forget. I have to cease this. I'm so sorry. Really I am.


Michael Colon.