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Mark Jenson

Milo is Poppy's pirate brother, and is said to have had a British accent. He was killed in the Death of Milo.


Milo, during his first appearance, believed that he had the strongest fleet on the sea, and seemed to not even know of the Skin-Taker's existence. He was very tyrannical to his previous crew, as by the end of his run almost all of his crew were gone, and the rest were too frightened to even breathe.

He was also in love with a woman named Sariah, but killed her to prove his loyalty to the Skin-Taker when he teamed up with him, showing that his obsession with defeating Percy was more important to him than anything else.


He is first introduced as a nice guy, yet as the show went on, obsession gets the better of him. He becomes very insane in his last few episodes, just trying to prove that he is better than Percy.

He is considered to be a minor villain because of his rivalry with Percy. He is obsessed with trying to get rid of Percy, but every plan he has always fails. In one episode, Milo sings a poorly written song called "Wimp", mocking Percy's unmanliness, and in another, rigs a chest full of bombs and tried to trick Percy into opening it.


  • He had a pet dragon named Danny.
  • Since his sibling relationship with Poppy is strong, it causes Janice to reminisce on her own relationship with Melrose in The Clip Show.
  • During his last few episodes, he became so fed up with losing to Percy that he decided to join the Skin-Taker, replacing Horace Horrible. Milo assumed that it was an equal partnership.
  • When he spoke his last few lines, his voice actor changed before he was killed off-screen. His actor died while recording the episode.
  • Milo's hair colour is highly debated. It is believed SEBTAW had issues transmitting Milo's hair colour. Interestingly, children were more likely to see Milo's hair color as being the same as their own rather than other colours.


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