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Laughingstock Crew

First Appearance

Welcome to Our Happy Ship

Played by

Hilda Wynn

Ms. Laughingstock is a pirate ship, and leader of the crew. Whenever Percy is required to scout an area to complete a task, she bellows, "You have... to go... INSIDE".


She is a pirate ship, and has a face, complete with eyes, nose, and mouth. She was poorly made, and the fishing line used to make her mouth flap can clearly be seen.


She is perpetually jolly and serves as Janice's "substitute mommy", though she constantly pushes Janice beyond her limits. She kind of acts as the boss of the group in deciding on what should be done next. However, Poppy always has the final say. 


Laughingstock talks only twice in every episode of the show: the first is in a summary of the goal of the adventure, and the second is her catchphrase.

Between the first and second season, the original Laughingstock model was burned in an accidental electrical fire on the set. The plastic model was changed to a foam puppet head for the first 4 episodes of the second season, even though it was never explained in-show, while the second model was finished for the remaining episodes of the season.


  • Though she appears to be a normal pirate ship, she has a guardian spirit inside of her, making her alive. As a result, she lives and talks.


  • Her voice sounds like a feminine version of Ed Wynn's.
  • In one episode, she was briefly equipped with a balloon in order to escape from a tree it had been thrown into by a hurricane.
  • According to the creators, Laughingstock represents the lost female duty sense, not the mother figure, because she doesn't behave as a mother but as a boss.
  • The fact that the Laughingstock contains a spirit allowing her to live and talk was inspired by an urban legend Tom Thrives heard when he was in middle school involving a possessed Ford Model T that tried to kill its owner.


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