Musical Episode is the eleventh episode of the second season.


Instead of Miss Laughingstock detailing the episode, at the beginning The Skin-Taker is shown whispering to a bubbling whirlpool, which giggles. The episode then cuts to Janice walking alongside the shore looking for many people. She hears Percy singing a song from his ship.

The song ends when Percy notices Janice standing there, rather frightened of his song. He simply smiles at her, welcoming her onto his ship and saying that he and her are going to go on a musical adventure today. Janice, seeming to have forgotten the song, smiles and nods as she heads out with Percy on the boat. Both begin to sail along the shore and Percy begins to sing again.

They then travel to every part of Candle Cove, and exploring many previously never seen areas, and sing about it the whole time. This is the only episode to show the Previously-Abandoned-Now-Inhabited Island.

​The rest of the script is unknown, but most fans recall the songs "Hoist the Colors" and "Drunken Sailor" being used in the episode.


  • There is a theory to this episode, that because Poppy isn't in this episode or any after it, he may have died during this episode, or in one of the unaired episodes.
  • There is another theory that Percy and Janice left the rest of the crew, which is why Ms. Laughingstock is not in the Screaming Episode.
  • Some believe this was a scrapped version of the earlier episodes, as the show originally had a lot of singing in the episodes.