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The NPHC is a military division of pirate hunters. They only appear in a few episodes, and serve as a second set of antagonists, as they hunt all of the pirates in Candle Cove. They work for the Earl of Wax.


They are represented by tiny models attached to the ship, and thus rarely ever move. Anytime any of them need to move, a cheap puppet made from pipe-cleaners is used.

Their ship, however, is a high quality model ship, and is very detailed and realistic.

There are rarely close-ups of the crewmen.


  • Unlike the other ships in Candle Cove, their ship does not contain a spirit, and thus does not talk.
  • According to some characters, the corps once had far more members, before they tried to invade the Cutlass Islands to rid the island of pirates. They failed and their numbers were reduced drastically, because they were outnumbered by all of the pirates living in the Cutlass Islands.
  • Their ship was a collectable item owned by Jeremy Kirby, and borrowed by Mary Prescott for some episodes of the show.