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Pirate Percy
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Laughingstock Crew
The Tarantula Crew (formerly)

First Appearance

Welcome to Our Happy Ship

Played by

Nicholas Stellmacher

Pirate Percy is a marionette, and pirate courier and scout for the Laughingstock. Whenever forced to enter dark or scary areas holding treasure, he would be told by the ship, "You have... to go... inside!".


His head was taken from a porcelain baby doll, and he has a crack on his left eye. His body is made out of ragged and lost pieces of old dolls. He has red hair, covered by a blue pirate's hat. He wears a blue coat with yellow epaulettes, and a red-and-white striped shirt.


He is very terrified and nervous about everything, overcome with fits of fears and trembles. He is the most cowardly of the entire crew, but he holds a big contempt to his crew. His relationship with the other characters is in general ambiguous; he is constantly scared of them and sometimes he attacks them with his knife. He has not shown this behaviour towards Poppy, but towards the rest of the crew instead. More than once, he tried to stop Janice from her mission by attacking her with his weapons.

Regardless of his cowardly flaws, he is very careful and analytical. He is always protective of his crew, even if he has to be told to act upon those protective feelings. He sometimes can overcome his fears, as revealed by Calvery, who told Janice about how Percy rescued him from The Rubber Fishes Crew during a battle.


  • He has great talent with a little wooden flute that he carries on board.
  • Even though he's terrible at playing piano, his lack of talent saved the Laughingstocks once in "Percy Plays Piano". At the end of the episode the crew gives Percy a new piano, but Poppy apparently intended him to learn "how to play it even worse", to use it against Horace.


  • He was called Prowler Percy in the pilot.
  • He has been described as having no interest in women.
  • According to the show's creators, he incarnates both Janice's outer personality and disadvantages.
  • When Milo sang a song called "Wimp", mocking him, he frowned on-screen. What made this disturbing is that his normal face is incapable of frowning, so a completely different face was used. It is the only time the new frowning head was used.


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