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Laughingstock Crew

First Appearance

Welcome to Our Happy Ship

Played by

Jack Gannon
Roger Banks

Poppy is a pirate marionette, and first mate aboard the Laughingstock. He loves Janice the most, and is a confident and adventurous companion. His brother is Milo.


He is the archetypal captain pirate, sporting a long, red beard and moustache, eye patch, and peg leg. He is armed to the teeth with pistols, daggers, and a sword. He wears a blue outfit, a tricorn hat, with a polka-dotted bandanna under it.


Poppy is courageous with a strong sense of adventure, yet also quick-tempered, sometimes to the extreme. He often acts like a gentleman towards Janice and other ladies who appear on the show. However, he often is harsh towards Percy, whom he considers a coward.

He is the Skin-Taker's arch-rival, and has a deep burning hatred towards his nemesis. Unlike the rest of the crew, he doesn't seem to be afraid of the Skin-Taker.


It was revealed in the alternative version of The New Ship that he is the reason the Skin-Taker is a skeleton. Poppy was enraged by the Skin-Taker's cruel acts of skinning his victims, and chose to skin him to avenge those he skinned.

It is unknown if he is still alive, as there is a theory about him dying. He is not included in the Musical Episode, or any episode after that.


  • Poppy's movements are the most life-like of the puppets in the show.
  • He is one of the few honourable pirates in the Candle Cove universe.
  • He is extremely greedy and loves to gamble, and hi-jinks always follow him because of those two flaws.
  • Oddly, he is never mentioned in interviews with the cast, despite seemingly being the Skin-Taker's arch-rival. This lack of attention may be because he is one of the least controversial characters in the show.


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