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Red Mary







Played by

Zelda Cheeseman

Red Mary is a pirate villain, and member of the Tarantula Crew.

Red Mary was the ongoing antagonist in the novel series, and part of the animated pilot that preceded the novels.

She was going to be a villain in the original Candle Cove series, but was cut due to her overly gorey design.


She resembled a horribly burned woman, but she still has all of her hair intact. Her skin is a pinkish-red, with patches of muscles showing.

It is said that in her original draft for the Candle Cove series, she was so gruesome that she made the Skin-Taker look tame. She had blood constantly dripping from her, and her skin sagged similar to a victim of an atomic bomb. She had an eye hanging out, and was also going to have thick red lips. This was why she was cut from the original series, and did not appear until she was completely redesigned for the cartoon pilot.


She is very deceptive. When she joined the Tarantula crew, she appeared sweet and innocent. However, when she betrayed the crew, she showed her true nature: purely evil, and loving it. Every evil deed she does brings her joy, and she is incredibly sadistic. She has an incredibly hot temper, which is the only trait she couldn't disguise while in the Tarantula Crew.

She is also a pyromaniac, and prefers to use fire in all her crimes. Red Mary burned down villages, and captured people to slowly cook, boil, or burn them alive. She was feared and hated by all, even the Skin-Taker. She is responsible for the death of Lillian, and was the cause of the Skin-Taker's insanity. It is believed she planned on betraying the Tarantula crew from the start, but her motives are unknown.


  • She is proficient in fire magic.


  • She is loosely based on Bloody Mary.
  • She would have had minions who looked like Hiroshima victims of the atomic bomb, which would have been highly insensitive to those who suffered in Hiroshima.
  • It's rumoured that in the fifth book, The Laughingstock crew was going to team up with the Skin-Taker, Auburn, and Boar, along with other characters, both old and new, to destroy Red Mary.
  • In The Fascinating Creatures of the Abyssal Kingdom, it is mentioned that the explorers saw, "A horribly burnt woman, being led to a prison." It is believed this woman was Red Mary, suggesting Red Mary is, actually, an escaped convict. This may be why she gave Thade Soben the chills when he first saw her; he might have seen her before, but didn't remember where.


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