The Skeleton Crew







First Appearance

Rocks of Arcadia

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The Skeleton Crew are pirates that work for the Skin-Taker.

They are equipped with a bizarre array of weaponry, ranging from cutlasses, muskets, an SKS rifle, surgical equipment, and a trident.


The Skeleton Crew are much more threatening and imposing than the usual antagonists on the show, such as The Rubber Fishes Crew. They are extremely competent and seem able to overpower the protagonists with ease, and were only defeated through sheer luck.

They appear in large packs, crowding around the Skin-Taker and covering nearly the whole screen. Some believe many of them were green-screened into the show, and the odd green fuzz around them seems to suggest that.

The members of the Skeleton Crew rarely speak, though in Rocks of Arcadia, one can be heard shouting "Don't let them get away!" during a chase scene.


They are all skeletons, but this is their only similarity. Their clothing comes in a wide variety, which includes the traditional pirate garb, conical Asian hats, and tattered and faded British redcoat uniforms.


  • The term "skeleton crew" is never used in the show itself. They are only referred to as "Skin-taker's pirates" by Ms. Laughingstock and "my crew" by Skin-taker himself. However, the credits for Rocks of Arcadia list them as "The Skeleton Crew."
  • It is never stated if the Skeleton Crew are victims of Skin-Taker who have been forced to serve him or if they are merely walking dead summoned to his service.
  • The Skin-Taker regularly compliments and praises his men, but they never show any kind of emotional reaction, merely staring blankly as he gives them orders. They do tend to laugh and giggle when one of the main characters is in pain, however.
  • The Skeleton Crew seem to have a bad habit of staring directly at the camera, even when someone is talking to them.