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Snowflake Island is a small and remote location in Candle Cove, bordering along the Frozen Badlands.

It is only shown in one episode, Christmas in Candle Cove.


The name comes from the particular and beautiful snowflake shape of the island. The land is entirely made of ice and snow, but snow storms or strong winds aren't common. It has a very small population, mostly penguins and Snowlems.

Since the temperature is very low, some pirates put fresh meat, other food or even treasure chests in holes they make on the snow, allowing the food to stay edible and the treasures to remain unrobbed. It has gained the nickname of "The Fridge" as a result.


  • Unlike other places where snow can be found, Snowflake island has a particularity: when it snows, all the snowflakes are identical.
  • There are a lot of unexplored caves and caverns under the ice in this island.
  • Most pirates who visit the island are scared of the Snowlems, as they think they are Malguins.