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Christmas in Candle Cove

The Snowlems are a species of elemental creatures, in this case snow-related humanoids.

They inhabit the Snowflake island, a small surface of ice near the north pole of Candle Cove.


The staff originally wanted the Snowlems to be typical snowmen, but they later changed the design to something a bit different. In their aired appearances, Snowlems look like giant golems of snow (white clay was used for this effect) with arms that constantly appear and disappear within the body, and a lamprey-like mouth in the top of their bodies, full of sharp icicles. Inside this, two tiny eyes and another smaller mouth can be seen.


Unlike the rest of known element-people, Snowlems are not only pacifistic, but also highly friendly towards humans and probably Abyssians, too. Unfortunately for them, the lamprey-like "mouth" (which is in fact a balaclava) on their heads makes all pirates and explorers believe that they are carnivorous monsters. However, the Laughingstock crew discover this not to be the case, and even celebrate Christmas with them.

Snowlems adopt penguins as pets, but they involuntarily kill them of frost-bite by trying to hug them.


  • It is highly unknown why the Snowlems wear balaclavas, especially considering the fact that they are made of snow. It may be a defensive mechanism to protect themselves from potential predators.