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Please note these events are unconfirmed, and contradict most other information about the show.

The Station 58 Tragedy was supposedly an incident that involved a fast-moving fire and loss of life that occured on March 31st, 1971.


In the early evening hours, in a neigbourhood of Ironton, Ohio, the citizens were set on high alert by the smell of smoke and the sounds of screaming coming from the inside of a rented television studio. Three college students and one child died in the fire.

The fire occurred in a studio rented out by Station 58 to local students and/or independent productions. Authorities stated that they believed this studio stored celluloid film, which highly contributed to the speed and intensity of the blaze. The horrific nature of the occurrence caused several firefighters to seek counseling.

TV Show:

The students were producing a children's television show that was to be called "Candle Cove", and had were finishing the final episode of what was to be the second season. Although the show was never aired, several people claim that they had seen the episodes broadcast. However, records show all tapes and related production materials were utterly destroyed.


  • Sean Tucker, age 22.
  • Percy Chapman, age 19.
  • Horace Flenderson, age 23.
  • Unnamed child, age 9.