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Sunny is the first-mate of the Rubber Fishes Crew.

She is the member of the crew who appears more times in the series, but her only real role is in the episode Ship Crash.


She is tall, blue-skinned, and with a series of deformities. Her limbs are extremely thin, and one of her arms is longer than the other. Her face is just the left eye, the mouth and the ears. She does not seem to have any hair.

She wears a white poncho, cowboy boots and a hay hat with a flower on it. A bandage can be seen covering the scar where her right eye should be. and a frown like you don't want to mess with her.


Since Sunny never had a speaking role, the only known traits of her personality is that she is mean and vicious just like the rest of the Rubber Fishes. However, Horace suggests that she is more clever and useful than the rest of the crew put together.

She trusts no one even in her own crew, except for Horace Horrible. Sunny seems to dislike the Skin-Taker, but she never says it. 


  • She is the only character who was born in the Sand Lands.
  • In Ship Crash, when the Rubber Fishes sing "We're going to END you!", a female voice can be heard singing, and Sunny is shown moving her mouth. This could mean that she can talk, but she prefers not to.
  • Apparently no one has ever noticed she's a woman, since Horace Horrible refers to her as "he".
  • It is worth noting that the left half of her face appears humanoid, but the right half is decayed skin. This is very similar to Joe Shortlegs, the cabin boy for the Rubber Fishes, but Joe's left side is decayed, and his right side is human.