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Susan Siren







First Appearance

Ship Crash

Played by

Jenna Lehman

Susan Siren is a flirtatious character that appeared in Lullaby Rock: A Candle Cove Memoir. When Janice finds her chained there, she tries to help her.


Susan is not a puppet, but an actress. Her body and face are painted sea-green, and her lips and hair are a vibrant orange to compliment it. Her eyes and nose are concealed by a headpiece, fashioned with large, spherical orange eyes to make her look more “cartoonish”.

She was dressed rather inappropriately for a children’s show, as her breasts are only obscured by a metallic brassiere with small chains serving as straps. Her bottom piece was also fashioned in this way, with a large (obviously paper mache) chain attached to her and the rock behind her, meant to shackle her there.


  • She sings with a heavenly voice, and has the ability to put people to sleep with her songs. This often causes ship wrecks on the rocks, as pirates are drawn to her songs.


  • Oddly, a very similiar siren is included in The Fascinating Creatures of the Abyssal Kingdom. The woman's only difference was that she had black hair instead of orange, and it was described that if she was not chained up, she would drown sailors and eat them up. Some believe that Susan Siren either was the same siren described in the book, or would have done the same thing if she were not chained up.
  • This character sparked an added amount of controversy, particularly since the actress was not told she would be wearing such a revealing costume, which later led to a law suit from the actress.


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