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Tartar Prison is the only known prison in Candle Cove. Only pirates caught are kept here. It is unknown where other criminals go.


It is seen as multiple bird cages hanging above water. The guards are below the cages in small boats. It is very difficult for pirates to escape from here since they risk drowning. It looks uncomfortable since the prisoners  have no beds, no toilets, and no way to keep themselves warm in cold weather. Each prisoner has their own cage, and has little social contact with the other prisoners.

The prison was previously abandoned because it was considered too cruel, but the Earl of Wax made sure it was put back into use, and uses it to keep pirates since he is not allowed to execute them without a fair trial. Trials are not required to be put in prison.


  • Milo had escaped from this prison before being introduced on the show. It is believed Tartar prison may have contributed to his insanity.
  • Some believe the prison was inspired by the case of Genie, a child who was locked in a room strapped to a potty chair by her abusive father most of her life. Because of her isolation, she was unable to speak, did not know any manners, and walked funny, amung other problems that occurred because of her treatment.