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Thade Soben




Alive (new identity)


Tarantula Crew

Played by

Enoch Anderson

Thade Soben is the main character from the novels and the Cartoon Pilot.

He appears in the first two books, Candle Cove: The Spirits Cave (as a cameo appearance) as well as in the TV pilot. He was also going to appear in the fourth novel, Candle Cove: To Grind Your Skin, but it was never released.


He was the Skin-Taker's identity before losing his sanity and skin. His sole reason for leaving the Abyssal Kingdom was to experience the "world of colors" he had heard so much about.

He is a thin man with black hair, and his eyes are rather large. He wears a simple white shirt and black pants when first seen, but later wears a green shirt with brown pants. His skin, while at first paper-white, later turns into a pale-creamish color.


He is shy and curious about everything, and was also very close friends with Lillian. He has a dark past, as on a crew he was forced to skin his crew's victims to use his powers to learn their secrets (since he could talk to the skins of the dead). He was hesitant to join the Tarantula crew for this reason, fearing that they would be just as cruel. However, the crew was kind and made him happy.

Every color fascinates him, since no colors exist in the Abyssal Kingdom, and he wished to learn the name of every shade of every color. He easily notices differences in different shades of colors, and can name every shade of any color.


Abyssal blade.gif

In the novels, he has a sword he refers to as "The Abyssal Blade" which he accidentally dropped into the ocean when escaping from Red Mary.

He also is given a small, brown dagger by Lillian.


  • In the novels, he became the Skin-Taker after discovering Lillian's death.
  • Some believe he may be Auburn's father, but this is uncertain. It is known that both he and Lillian are shown wearing wedding rings during Red Mary's betrayal.
  • His name is an anagram. The letters in "Soben" can be rearranged to say "bones" and "Thade" can be respelled to say "death" or "hated". This means his name could either be "Death Bones" or "Hated Bones," with either one foreshadowing his transformation into the Skin-Taker.


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