The Birthday Party is the fourth episode of the first season.

It is one of the lighter themed episodes, and did not contain any of the controversial material according to documents related to it such as the original script, and was only aired on TV once (most of the first few episodes were never rerun). However, fans recall a disturbing song Skin-Taker sung for Janice.


In this episode, Janice celebrates her birthday. Unlike most other episodes, the characters are not very dynamic and mostly stay in one setting. It is unknown whether it was a beach or a field, because the only concept art available for this episode lacks color, so it could arguably take place over sand or grass.

It is known they (ironically) watch a puppet show, about a princess who is saved by a pirate.

The Skin-Taker then shows up causing brief panic (and Sea-Dog and a couple other characters to exclaim shock that the Skin-Taker was real).

When the Skin-Taker finds out that it's Janice's birthday, he sings her a song.

He also leaves a dress for her, and a note guaranteeing since it is her birthday, "I will not try to skin ye til next week!" (breaking the fourth wall once again, saying he would not come for her until the next episode).


  • It is revealed that the Skin-Taker's birthday is also on the same date.
  • Some people claim there were sexual overtones in this episode, but the people who claim this are a vast minority. It has been determined that claims that something sexual happened in the episode are false.
  • This is the last episode the placeholder of the Skin-Taker has been used, as the official puppet had been completed around the time this episode entered production.