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The Clip Show is the third episode of the second season.

During the late 60's and early 70's, a commemorative clip show was unheard of, which makes this show yet another way Candle Cove was a pioneering TV show of the time. Although a clip show for 1972 was a new thing, it was nothing like today's clip shows, but instead was a series of flashbacks.

It was one of the episodes found in the 2014 Discovery and was released on DVD in 2017.


The show begins with Ms. Laughingstock announcing that Janice has spent one year at Candle Cove, and asks about her favourite memory.

Janice says that hers is the initial arrival at Candle Cove, so that she could get away from her sister Melrose, who is shown in a flashback for the first time since the pilot episode.

Next, Percy says that his favourite memory is learning how to play "Yo Ho A Pirate's Life For Me" on piano, and using it before he was good at it to scare off Horace Horrible.

Then, Poppy says that his is defeating the Skin-Taker in the Battle of Little Bedford, although no footage of the Skin-Taker was used. 

It then cut to Horace Horrible, saying that his favourite memory is joining up with the Skin-Taker and ever since then he's been unstoppable (again, no footage used). 

Milo then states that his has not been made yet, but it will be made pretty soon when he becomes the greatest pirate of them all by defeating his rivals (foreshadowing his future joining up with the Skin-Taker). 

The show ends with Ms. Laughingstock saying her favourite memory is just made today and she hopes there would be another one next year just like it. The show ends with the entire crew thanking the audience.


  • "The Clip Show" was actually the working title and not meant to go to production, the name intended for this episode was "My Fondest Memory". However, it aired as "The Clip Show" and the rest is history.