The Death of Milo. is the seventh episode of the second season. It has been said to be one of the darker episodes.


Though not much is known about this episode, it is known that the Skin-Taker kills and skins Milo. To the Skin-Taker, Milo had simply outlived his usefulness and could no longer help with his plans.

In Milo's death scene, the Skin-Taker grabs a sword, looks at the camera, shouts,"DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!", and pushes the camera the other direction so all you can see is the shadows. The silhouette of Milo's falling head is shown, and then it cuts to black.


  • After the credits, the Skin-Taker is seen sewing new gloves.
  • Supposedly if you turned the volume up just after the cut to black, you can hear Horace Horrible's laugh.
  • An urban legend existed for a while that many children went crazy after the episode, but there are no official documents to support this, except for one child who required therapy due to him claiming Milo looked like him.