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The Nickerbocker's Tale is a rare short story, written in 1767, that inspired the creation of Candle Cove. The book was not fully finished when it was published, and very few copies still exist. The author was anonymous, though is believed to have been Collin Caulkry, because many poems he had written were similiar to the songs written in the book

Many of the characters featured in the short story inspired characters that appear in Candle Cove, such as the Skin-Taker, Pirate Percy, Horace Horrible and the Laughingstock (although in the story, the Laughingstock was not a talking ship).


The story involves an Irish boy, who finds himself in a colony of islands inhabited by pirates after being forced to join a naval ship by a press gang, unable to find his way back home. The crew of the Laughingstock agrees to help him find his way back, as long as he helps out on the ship. The Skin-Taker tries to stop them, and it is implied that it is his fault that the boy was forced to join the navy, and thus the reason he is in Candle Cove.

The story is never resolved, and stops in the middle of Percival trying to tell the boy where they are going.



There are many differences between the book and the show inspired by it

Candle Cove (TV Show) Nickerbocker's Tale (Book)
The Skin-Taker is a skeleton who collects the skins of his victims to make clothing. The Skin-Taker is a successful pirate hunter who collects the skins of pirates as trophies.
The main character is a girl named Janice. The main character is a boy named Izod.
Percy is a coward. Percival is very calm and gentlemanly, although somewhat sinister, and is also the captain.
The Laughingstock lives and talks. The Laughingstock is an inanimate ship.
Horace Horrible is the Skin-Taker's minion and captain of a ship. Horace Sinistra only works for the Skin-Taker because he owes him a debt.
The Skin-Taker is evil, but does not acknowledge his own cruelty. The Skin-Taker is more of an anti-hero, although he acknowledges his cruelty, he believes it is neccesary for his own survival and to do his job.
Poppy is in the crew. Poppy, along with many other crew members, does not exist in the original story.
Milo was Poppy's brother, and was killed by the Skin-Taker. Melos was the Skin-Taker's brother, and was killed in a battle with Percival.
Janice was bullied, and her mother died giving birth to her. Izod is an orphan living as a pick-pocket on the street, before he was forced by a press gang to join a naval ship, and later joined Percival's crew.
Magic is used in the show by multiple characters.

Magic is only used by Clarenza the Sea Witch.


  • The book featured artwork, presumably done by the author himself, of characters as they were introduced, but none of Izod. Many believe Izod was not described or pictured so the reader could decide for themselves what he looked like.